SteriPro UV-C Disinfection Robot for Reducing Hospital Associated Infections

The device is used after normal cleaning to enhance its effectiveness.

  • Taking SteriPro into operating theatre


The germicidal effectiveness of UV-C ultraviolet light is based on the 254 nm wavelength that is absorbed by proteins, RNA, and DNA, breaking them down.
Additional effectiveness can be achieved in operating theatres by performing two shorter disinfection cycles with the device in different positions to reduce blind spots.
Adjustable height up to 2,2 meters enhances the effectiveness.
The effectiveness of the method has been tested in several independent institutes.


The robot detects the room size and suggests the necessary duration of the disinfection cycle, usually 10-20 minutes, and informs the operator when the cycle is finished. Due to the speed of the operation, it is possible to disinfect the room from two positions.


Integrated wireless connection (WiFi) with the tablet that controls the device ensures uninterrupted operation.

Ease of Operation

The operating tablet guides the operator and informs them on the status of the disinfection process.


When its sensors detect motion in the room, the device stops the disinfection process instantly.

Quality Control

The system records details of every disinfection process, operator, and room information.

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