The Finnish company Neuroeventlabs makes a monitoring solution for epileptic seizures that can be installed to the patients home or at a hospital room.

The monitoring and analysis based on computer vision and machine learning is carried on for one month, after which the neurologist is presented with a report on the seizures, including number, intensity and type. The neurologist can also view a video recording of all the seizures identified by the system to ensure the accuracy of the report. A shorter monitoring period is used in a hospital setting.

What NeuroEventLabs monitoring system provides besides videoEEG?

  • Reliable information on number of seizures and their type, intensity, and duration
  • Screening for unclear nocturnal disturbances, is it epileptic seizure or something else?
  • Month long monitoring period can record a seizure that a shorter videoEEG cannot capture
  • Monitoring can be done without disrupting the patients life

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